Books, catalogues and brochures with variable page numbers and changing formats, from small runs to single editions: Hunkeler develops book-on-demand lines in all performance categories, for high-quality illustrated books and for budget binding. The configurations include inline production systems with integrated printing technology and stand-alone lines for offline and nearline processing. Connections to perfect binders for inline processing through to the end product are possible.


Roll to roll solution

Roll to roll with Web Inspection

Roll to roll solution 30″

Non-stop roll-to-roll solution

Roll to stack solution

Roll to stack solution inline

Roll to Stack with DP8

Roll to stack with WF8

Roll to stack inline with WF8

Roll to stack inline with DP8 and WF8

Roll to stack with WM8

Roll to stack inline with WM8

Roll to stack with DP8 and WM8

Roll to stack inline with DP8 and WM8

Pile Stacker PST-52

Flyfolder Book solution

Plowfolder Book Solution offline

Plowfolder Book Solution inline

Booklets and Books Combi-Solution

Sewn book production with Meccanotecnica


End Products


Glued book blocks

Photo books

Hard- and Softcover

Instruction manuals


Examination books





Case Stories

BR Printers, USA

Demand for book printing has been a growth area and saw even more growth during the pandemic as people on lockdown found more time to both read and write books.

Merrill Corporation, Ohio (USA)

Merrill Corporation Chooses Hunkeler Finishing for New Digital Operation. Trusted with complex, confidential and regulatory information for more than 40 years, Merrill Corporation is the industry-leading provider of integrated document creation and distribution services for the financial services and health insurance industries.

EBSCO Media, Birmingham AL (USA)

EBSCO Media Rolls Onward to Print’s Future
What once was purely a sheet-fed printing company, now actively pursues custom publishing book projectswith its new HP digital web press and Standard Horizon and Hunkeler paper handling solutions.

Cordoba Printing and Binding Ltd., Holon (Israel)

Large diversity in Book production
Cordoba Printing and Binding Ltd. shifts the book production from offset to digital. The company has invested in a Kodak Prosper inkjet web press and a modular book solution from Hunkeler.

McArdle, Upper Marlboro, MD

Smart Marketing by McArdle!
When McArdle expanded their business and invested in an Océ ColorStream® 10000 Flex, the question of the appropriate finishing technology came up.

Meteksan Digital, Ankara (Turkey)

Pioneers in Education
Meteksan’s use of technology shows how an entire country-wide school examination system can administered with great efficiency and absolute integrity.

BIP Printing Solutions in Beachwood, OH

A subsidiary of Simple Solutions in Beachwood, OH
BIP Printing Solutions Achieves Bindery Efficiency with Hunkeler and Horizon Finishing.

Elanders Print & Packaging, Waiblingen (Germany)

Book production in the fast line
Over the years, Elanders Print & Packaging in Waiblingen has constantly expanded its inkjet printing operations.


A showcase for state-of-the-art technology
To produce its textbooks, Herdt-Verlag für Bildungs-medien GmbH commissioned Europe's first HP T200 Inkjet Web Press in summer 2011.

KP Services (Jersey) Limited

Hunkeler finishing technology on the biggest Channel Island On the Channel Island of Jersey, KP Services (Jersey) Limited prints and processes up to 42,000 newspapers daily.

Halewijn NV, Genscom NV

A successful business model is being expanded
About five years ago, the Belgian printing company Halewijn switched the production of a weekly newspaper from offset printing to digital printing with Hunkeler finishing technology.