Web Inspection – WI8

Web Inspection - WI8


The Hunkeler Control Platform represents a high-performance system for production monitoring and quality control. With the WI8 Web Inspection system you can check quality and content of the printing on each page in terms of colors, positions, contours, smearing, jet-outs, data validation, etc. It is always possible to update it with new functions and extend it to a complete tracking solution.
The basic equipment includes the CIS (Contact Image Sensor) scan-bar per side, a 22″ wide multi-touch LCD operator monitor and the controller box.
web inspection - basic equipment


web inspection - functionality

The web inspection system scans the entire width of the paper web, acquiring at full speed high-resolution images on the full surface of each page and comparing them to a related “golden sample” in order to carry out many different kinds of quality and contend check. Printing quality and content errors are identifi ed at an early stage, thereby triggering immediate action and reducing both, downtimes and the amount of wasted paper.

The system can be integrated as simplex and duplex color versions for the following devices and printers:

web inspection - with dp8

WI8 with DP8

web inspection - with wm8

WI8 with WM8

web inspection - with cs8

WI8 with CS8 and external Display

web inspection - with printer

WI8 with printer integrated

Interaction between printer camera system, Hunkeler IPI, WI8 and Tracking

Web Inspection Technology

web inspection - technology

Extremely compact web monitoring solution based on the newest CIS (Contact Image Sensor) technology, providing high speed / high resolution image capabilities. Because of the sensor’s compact dimensions, the integration of the acquisition module into different modules and printers is possible.

Swiss precision by Hunkeler with stable and reliable mounting for the CIS sensors, without requiring any adjustment and /or mechanical calibration, thus making the installation as well as maintenance very simple. Module is NRTL (UL), CE, GS, and ROHS certified.

The acquisition unit, integrated for example inside each printer engine, is designed to provide easy access to the sensor protective glass for cleaning and maintenance.

Optional extensions

Several optional software packages are available to expand the web inspection system with additional functions:

web inspection - record and replay

Record & Replay

web inspection - 1D, 2D and postal codes verification

1D, 2D and Postal codes verification

web inspection - OCR and MICR codes verification

OCR and MICR codes verification

web inspection - printer oriented graphic controls

Printer Oriented Graphic controls

web inspection - user oriented graphic controls

User Oriented Graphic Controls

web inspection - full page image verification

Full page image verification

web inspection - labels verification

Labels verification

Lottery verfication and Production Archiving option

IPI – Intelligent Print Inspection

IPI stands for Intelligent Print Inspection and enables a new way of performing print inspection. In general, the concept of ‘digital print image inspection’ refers to the comparison of a printed sample to a pre-defined template.

In traditional print inspection, the operator creates the template for image matching (Golden Template). A number of features to be checked are selected on a printed page that has been found to be “good”.

IPI opens another way to create the template for image matching: Instead of having the template set by the operator, the IPI system uses the raw print data directly sent from the printer controller to the inkjet print heads. This means IPI dynamically reads this data and generates a digital image on-the-fly without affecting the printer. This dynamically generated image serves as a template for the system to compare with the print sample.

IPI - Intelligent Print Inspection Workflow