Newspaper Solution

Newspaper Broadsheet Solution

This pioneering response to current industry challenges addresses a number of different issues, including decreased newspaper circulation, reduced advertising volume, greater competition, and a need for increasingly timely and localized news. The innovative concept underlying this technology allows the geographically independent production of up-to-date newspapers, digitally printed in the well established broadsheet format. The Drum Collator DC7 collates the duplex printed sheets of variable size. The papers leave the collating module as an electrostatically-fixed stack into the Buckle Folder.

Technical specifications

Max. roll diameter

54" (1370 mm)

Web width

11” – 26”

Production speed

up to 500 ft/min (150 m/min)

Paper weights

40 – 120 g/m2

Size of broadsheet newspapers

8 – 96 pages

Cut-off length

up to 32.25" (820 mm)



workflow image