Flyfolder Book solution

Flyfolder Book solution

The Flyfolder book solution is an equally innovative and revolutionary simple concept for modern Book-on-demand production. The system switches “on-the-fly” between four- and six-page signatures without stopping production. Thanks to perfect book block stacks in the Star Wheel Delivery SD7-II-F, a reliable finishing in the perfect binder is guaranteed. The fully automatic format changeover is performed “on the fly” without any manual intervention.
The Flyfolder book solution can be used offline as well as inline at a printer or perfect binder.

Technical specifications

Max. roll diameter

54" (1370 mm)

Web width

17" – 19.5" (432 – 495 mm)

Production speed

up to 436 ft/min (133 m/min)

Paper weights

70 – 100 g/m2

Cut length

7" – 14" (178 – 356 mm)


up to 600 stacks per hour


Perforation for 4- (top) and 6-page (bottom) signatures

workflow image


Web Inspection System

A Web inspection system checks the quality and content of the printed pages. With the WI8 Web Inspection system you can check quality and content of the printing on each page in terms of colors, positions, contours, smearing, jetouts, data validation, etc. It is always possible to update it with new functions and extend it to a complete tracking solution.

Control & Tracking Solution

The tracking system monitors ongoing prodcution in terms of completeness and accuracy.