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100 years of focus on paper processing: Hunkeler AG has repeatedly set technological milestones on this long journey.  Focusing on this core topic enables the symbiosis of dedication and competence that our customers experience every day on the way to the best solution.

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Our print support technology is highly flexible. But more than anything, it makes its users flexible. It is tailored to the specific requirements of our customers: printing plants, publishers, mailing service providers, form makers, banks, insurance companies, post companies, telecommunications companies, authorities and associations, data center service providers, photo book printers, online and commercial printing service providers, companies in the packaging sector, and many more.

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Hunkeler AG is just as international as paper media. We are represented across the globe through agencies, subsidiaries, and partners. This is complemented by our digital maintenance and service portfolio as well as our sustainability management for tackling social, environmental, and economic challenges.

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It is the employees who write our success story. Hunkeler AG is aware of this – and takes great efforts to maintain a good working environment within the company. All personalities and diversities are welcomed and promoted.

Excellence in Paper Processing

We all live in the age of digital information. And yet print products are used almost universally as culture-shaping information and communication media. For over 100 years, Hunkeler has stood for innovative solutions in the printing industry. Anyone who combines digital printing and paper finishing knows our name. Thousands of successfully installed solutions worldwide prove our role as a technology leader. In this long time, our claim has transformed into a promise: 

Those who place their trust in Hunkeler get “Excellence in Paper Processing”.

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