Digital Sheet Finishing

Digital cutsheet processing system DocuTrim

Sheet finishing for trimming, cutting, perforating, collating and stacking

  • Multifunctional system for online sheet processing
  • Produces online on sheet-fed printing systems and also works offline
  • High-performance range thanks to the system‘s modular structure

A multifunctional system for online or offline cutsheet processing

  • Proven Hunkeler cutting and perforating tools
  • Industrial design
  • Vacuum technology for gentle sheet transport
  • Shorter throughput times and faster reaction to orders
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DocuTrim delivery belt
DocuTrim Operation
DocuTrim Perforation
DocuTrim Pile feeder
DocuTrim Separator
DocuTrim Sequencer
DocuTrim stacker
DocuTrim stacks
DocuTrim Trimming
Schneiden dynamisches

Production of high quantity and small production patches

In the high-performance range, printing systems only reach their full potential with efficient finishing systems. The Hunkeler DocuTrim is a multifunctional system for online sheet processing that satisfies the requirements of the latest generation of printers. It produces online on sheet-fed printing systems and also works offline. With its individually combinable cutting and perforating in the Dynamic Multi Processor (DMP), the system already addresses the market requirements of tomorrow. It enables the cutting of various formats and position-independent slit cuts and chip-outs. Thanks to the system‘s modular structure, the wide range of solutions can be individually extended.

  • Offline or online processing
  • Individually upgradeable
  • Small or large print runs


DocuTrim Offline

DocuTrim Inline

DocuTrim Inline with Canon iX3200

Economic aspects

Production Speed Icon

Production speed
up to 11’500 sheets/h

Paper Weight Icon

Paper weight
60 to 250 g/m2

Wide format range icon

Wide format range
520 x 520 mm to 105 x 148 mm (A6)

Short set up time

Short set up time
High availability