Hunkeler operating data network

Generation 8 and POPP6/7

The Hunkeler Data Capture, the Hunkeler Workflow Manager HWM Line Plugin and the HLI Gateway form the basis of the Hunkeler operating data network. In the Hunkeler Data Capture, Hunkeler machine operating data is collected from Generation 8 and POPP6/7 modules and can be made available to third-party systems via HTTP REST or MQTT. Once collected, operating data can be analyzed, using the graphical frontend application Hunkeler Analytics that is available as an optional plugin of the Hunkeler Workflow Manager HWM.

Data types

The Hunkeler operating data network gives four data types from Gen8 and POPP6/7 modules and lines.
The data types Counter, Event, Measurement and Status have different features.

Daten Typen


The Counter data type refers to measured values. The value always increases or decreases over time. Normally the value increases. The value is numeric and is expressed with the corresponding unit of measure.

Example: number of processed documents


The Measurement data type refers to the last measured value. This value is arbitrary. The value is numeric and is expressed with the corresponding unit of measurement.

Example: speed (m/min)


The Event data type refers to an event with specific information. This information can be arbitrary (e.g. free-form messages) or repetitive (e.g. predefined error messages) and is only sent when an event occurs.

Example: error messages


The Status data type refers to a reported value from a predefined selection of values. Data points of this data type always have a status.

Example: state of a line or module (similar to a traffic light: green, yellow, red)

Product structure