Roll to Fan-Fold Solution

Roll to Fan-Fold Solution

The modular Hunkeler roll to fan-fold solution. In 2-up production individual processing of the two web halves is possible. Combined use of three different functions is possible in a single DP8 dynamic processor module (static and dynamic perforation in the vertical and cross direction, dynamic file hole punching, and folding perforation). Reliable, inline high-speed operation with continuous feed printing systems in a space saving package with modular options that include a stack cart system, high capacity stacker, and web inspection. Continuous folding of pre-perforated paper webs thanks to the FS6 Folder Stacker module with high stack delivery.

Technical specifications

Folding height

7" – 17" (178 – 432 mm)

Folding perforation

7" – 14" (178 – 355 mm) static

Max. roll diameter

54" (1370 mm)

Web width

8" – 20.5" (203 – 520 mm)

Production speed

up to 720 ft/min (220 m/min)

Paper weights

56 – 160 g/m2

Stack height

1000 mm


Punch & Perf Module PP6

Processes a blank paper web to continuous forms with, sprocket holes, cross perforations and file hole. Additional function: Register mark printing for registering without sprocket holes.

Stack turning module

Stack turning module for FIFO (First In First Out) for stacks from high stack delivery.

Shingle delivery

Simple shingle delivery with support.

2-wheel cart

2-wheel cart with base.