Mailing production with WF8 and WM8

Production of direct mail and a self-mailer from pre-printed roll to folded end-product at a web speed of up to 180 meters per minute. The paper web is linear fold, registered superimposed in a WF8 web folder. Then the paper web is pulled in by the web merger WM8 and cut longitudinally. The edges can be trimmed simultaneously. After that, the two web halves are placed on top of one another in the merger and fed to the cross cutter. The CS8 cutting module performs cross-web chip-out before the sheets are presented in-line to the folding machine.

Technical specifications

Max. roll diameter

54" (1370 mm)

Web width

16" – 22.5" (406 – 571 mm)

Production speed

up to 590 ft/min (180 m/min)

Paper weights

40 – 300 g/m2
Folding: 40 – 130 g/m2
Merge: 60 – 130 g/m2

Format length

5.5" – 62" (140 – 1575 mm)

Variable chip-out

1/4" – 2" (6.3 – 50 mm)


Merge process

workflow image


Large stack delivery (PST-52)

Flexible additional device for stacking long sheets up to 1000 mm, up to 300 gsm paper, and up to 600 mm stack height or 300 kg stack weight.

Full Bleed products

The combination of longitudinal and cross cut-out (module CS8) allows the user to produce full-bleed products.

Dynamic vertical and cross perforator DP8

The dynamic perforating module DP8 can be used to create variable longitudinal and cross perforations.

Web Cleaning Solutions

The web de-dusting module PEM removes the dust from the paper webs. The PEM has two de-dusting heads for cleaning both sides of the paper web in continuous operation.