An investment that pays off! With its technical facilities and theory classrooms supplied with the latest equipment, or spacious training center provides everything needed for comprehensive, in-depth learning.

An investment that pays off

With its technical facilities and theory classrooms supplied with the latest equipment, or spacious training center provides everything needed for comprehensive, in-depth learning. Backing up this technology is an expert team whose many years of experience ensure professional training. The knowledge we pass along in Wikon in the handling of Hunkeler systems can, as needed, be expanded and gone into more depth at any time in your operations. A final examination resulting in a diploma after conclusion of the training offers you the assurance that your personnel have received the knowledge in theory and practice needed for the successful operation of the Hunkeler production system. 

Site-based training

The modular training concept makes it possible to conduct a course at your site or in the modern theory and practice facilities at Hunkeler headquarters. We offer you the following services: 

  • Spacious training facilities with various production lines • Simulation boards for troubleshooting
  • Various tools and aids
  • Electronic documentation

Basic Operator BAO

Comprehensive, in-depth training for your operating personnel. For this, your staff can receive instructions on-site on your system or in our professional training center in Wikon, Switzerland. A highly qualified training team ensures they will get the knowledge they need.


  • Operation
  • Parameters for operating personnel
  • Daily cleaning work
  • Troubleshooting with operating manual

Objectives and Benefits

  • Increase in process safety
  • Training location can be freely selected
  • Well-trained operating personnel

Profile of qualification

  • Professional experience in machine operation
  • Strong communication skills and teamwork
  • Self-initiative and independence
  • Sense of responsibility

Target group

  • Operator personnel
  • Machine operator

Data Sheet Basic Operator BAO

Professional Operator PRO

The Professional Operator course consists of pracitcal training that focuses on the operation and interplay of the mechanical and electronic functions of the Hunkeler machines. Operators are trained specifically for production optimization and job preparation.


  • Operation
  • Enhanced Parameters for operating personnel
  • Weekly cleaning work
  • Production optimization
  • Application set-up

Objectives and Benefits

  • Optimization of production
  • Increase availability
  • Systematic set-up

Profile of qualification

  • Professional experience in paper processing
  • Manual skills
  • Analytical thinking and approach
  • Reliable, careful and cautious work methods

Target group

  • Supervisor / Shift supervisor
  • Senior Operator

Data sheet Professional Operator PRO

Customer Service Engineer CSE

CSE customer service engineer learn about and understand Hunkeler production lines and their various functions. The training is geared to the customer, facilitates the efficient remedying of faults, and increases the availability of the entire system. Short response time and fast fault correction on site with calculable costs.
The course is offered following the installation of Hunkeler systems.


  • Operation
  • Parameters for operating personnel
  • Cleaning work
  • Troubleshooting with service instructions (RAP)
  • Basic mechanical settings

Objectives and Benefits

  • Recognizing and remeying faults
  • Carry out maintenance work
  • Reduction of outages

Profile of qualification

  • Technical understanding
  • Several years of professional experience in paper processing
  • Independence, flexibility, ability to handle stressful situations
  • Analytical approach and use documentation to achieve specific goals
  • Familiarity with processes in the system and production

Target group

  • Customer service engineers

Data sheet Customer Service Engineer CSE

Customer Technical Specialist CTS

Upon completion of our CTS training your service specialists will be able to remedy faults more efficiently and reliably. The availability and operational reliability of your system will improve. The course provides training in preventative parts replacement, which in turn increases the reliability of your Hunkeler systems. In addition to benefiting from short response times and competent troubleshooting on site, you also profit from reducing repair costs to a minimum.
A refresher or update course is recommended every three years.


  • Adjusting cutters
  • Repairs / settings
  • Preventative maintenance work
  • Service Tool – backup files
  • Parameterizing frequencers
  • Parameters up to level 4
  • Electrical engineering basic course

Objectives and Benefits

  • Recognizing and remeying faults
  • Perform repairs and settings independently
  • Ensuring production processes

Profile of qualification

  • Basic technical training
  • Background knowledge in electrical engineering
  • Careful, exact working method
  • Pleasant in dealing with customers


  • Technical specialist printer manufacturer
  • Technical specialist OEM-partner

Data sheet Customer Technical Specialist CTS

Regional Technical Specialist RTS

Having service technicians carry out measures that maintain the value of the systems benefits you by letting your better focus on developing your core business while at the same time ensuring system availability. For us, early detection and correction of potential faults means preventing real problems before they happen. Ongoing service of your Hunkeler machines at the RTS level maintains systems at their very best operational condition and ensures long life and profitable re-sale. This service, which meets the highest standards, is performed by qualified RTS specialists.
A refresher or update course is recommended every two years.


  • Cutter change
  • Service tool
  • Control system change
  • Parameters up to level 5
  • Installation training
  • Advanced electrical engineering
  • Elektrotechnik Advanced

Objectives and Benefits

  • Efficient fault analysis and correction
  • Commissioning modules
  • Maintenance of the entire system

Profile of qualification

  • Basic technical training
  • Advanced training in electrical engineering
  • Excellent experience in the area of technical customer service
  • Excellent professional experience in paper processing
  • Familiarity with system processes

Target group

  • Technical specialist dealer network

Data sheet Regional Technical Specialist RTS

Hunkeler Technical Support HTS

Technicians who take on and carry out the training of additional partners or customer technicians are educated specifically in the skills needed to be a trainer.
This training must be attended on an annual basis (refresh, updates, exchange of information, access rights, documentation).


  • Annual Update
  • Methodology and didactics
  • Sharing experience
  • Using registration forms
  • Parameters up to level 6
  • Current programs and software

Objectives and Benefits

  • Know-how increasing
  • Expert transfer of knowledge
  • Flexible coverage of training requirements

Profile of qualification

  • Successful completion of RTS course
  • Customer- and service technician
  • Know-How of Hunkeler products
  • Increased self-confidence

Target group

  • Hunkeler Instructors
  • Trainers of Hunkeler business-partner (Train the Trainer)

Data sheet Hunkeler Technical Support HTS


As far as possible, the courses will be carried out in the order of the registrations received. However, Hunkeler reserves the right to combine or split up courses (maximum 4 to 5 participants).

On cancellation up to 7 days before course commencement, 25% of the course costs will be invoiced. On later cancellation or on failure to attend, 100% of the course costs will be invoiced.

The copying, passing on and utilisation of the course documentation as well as the passing on of their contents or parts thereof to third parties is not permitted. Violations result in the liability for damages.

Prices on request.