Starbook Plowfolder

“On demand” book ordering thanks to more flexible printing system

Traditionally, books are produced in five to eight individual steps, depending on the type of book – from printing and folding to cutting and packaging. The individual steps are not interconnected and the paper usually has to be transported manually from one processing step to the next or even stored temporarily. The digital print finishing system developed by Hunkeler AG now combines several of these steps and produces around 2,000 book stacks per hour from a white, unprinted paper roll at full capacity. The “Hunkeler Starbook Plowfolder” book solution is a process innovation. The uniqueness of the machine lies in the fundamental change in the way a book is produced. The IHZ Innovation Award jury was particularly impressed by the speed, quality, automated monitoring and adaptability during operation. “In an increasingly consolidating book market, this process innovation comes at exactly the right time. Furthermore, the machine produces a minimum of waste thanks to flexible adjustment options. In terms of sustainability, this is a major plus point,” says jury president Hans Wicki. Daniel Erni, CEO of Hunkeler AG, was also visibly pleased: “We are very proud to receive the Innovation Award! It confirms that we, as a progressive Swiss company, are doing many things right and are perceived as a technology leader in the digital printing industry.”

About IHZ

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To media report: https://www.ihz.ch/news/artikel/medienmitteilung-ihz-innovationspreis-2023-hunkeler-ag/