Security print finishing

Cheques, vouchers, entrance tickets and other securities are personal documents and should not be transferred. They have to be effectively protected against unauthorized usage and falsification. The laser module from Hunkeler gives documents an unmistakable identity through individual security patterns and assigns each document clearly and simply to a person. The patterns can be freely designed and modified in an editor and cannot be reproduced by third parties.


Roll to roll solution

Roll to roll with Web Inspection

Roll to roll solution 30″

Pile Stacker PST-52


End Products





Case Stories

DVLA - Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency

WI6 web inspection: an investment in security and quality. When producing vehicle registration certificates and other documents, the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency faces a particularly big challenge in achieving perfect quality.

Dataform Media, Grossebersdorf near Vienna

Printing in the digital age. Dataform in Grossebersdorf near Vienna, Austria, has systematically tailored its services to the digital age. The most recent and fastest-growing area is the comprehensive service for small and large events. One particular strength: the laser technology from Hunkeler.

Meteksan Digital, Ankara (Turkey)

Pioneers in Education
Meteksan’s use of technology shows how an entire country-wide school examination system can administered with great efficiency and absolute integrity.