Web Cleaning

Web-Cleaning PEM

The paper dedusting unit PEM and I-PEM removes the paper dust which adheres to the paper-web and which would also foul the follow-on machines and digital printer. It works with compressed air. The micro particles are removed contact-free from the paperweb and are then collected in the exhaust air bin. If the speed of the web is low, the laminar flow is activated, which creates an optimal operation independent from the speed of the web. The sharp air jet takes off the dust from the surface like a planer. The paperweb is cleaned on both sides in one process.


  • Contact-free de-dusting
  • Longer maintenance intervals for printing machines
  • Increased print quality of the end product 
  • Speed over 300m/min | Paper webs up to 770mm
  • Minimal space requirements
  • Validated by large printer suppliers
  • Intelligent interface


A  |  Airflow

The filtered air flows through an air gap at high speed at a right-angle to the web.

B  |  Negative Pressure

This hits the air stream on the surface of the running web and causes negative pressure.

C+D  |  Bernoulli Principle

This vacuum occurs according to the technology as set out in the Bernoulli’s Principle. This sharp current of air lifts the dust from the surface.

E  |  No Contact

The PEM removes dust particles from web surfaces without contact with the web itself. The dust particles are collected in the air filter containers. At web speeds of under 80m/min, the laminar flow comes into operation, to achieve optimal results independent of the speed.