Starbook Plowfolder book solution

Starbook Plowfolder book solution

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A unique feature of the Hunkeler Starbook Plowfolder book solution, apart from the unrivalled book block quality, is that the individual book blocks can be output in the order in which they are produced at a high output rate of up to 2,000 books per hour. This First In – First Out sequence and the individual book output are the basic prerequisites for being able to produce short runs up to edition 1 economically, efficiently and in the shortest possible throughput time. The automation of sub-processes and the unique, patented paper handling system play a central role in this.

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Economic efficiency
fewer errors and downtime

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short transport routes and less waste

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Customer needs
titles available on demand

The automation of the Starbook book solution optimizes production, resulting in fewer errors and downtime. This in turn results in less paper waste during ongoing production.

With the Hunkeler Starbook book solution, books can be produced close to the end customer, which protects the environment through short transport routes. In addition, there is much less waste.

All titles ever published are available on demand and can be produced and delivered within a very short time.

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