Plow folding for innovative mailings and commercial print products


Longitudinal folding with perforating or creasing on the WF8 web folder

The paper web supplied by the unwinder is drawn in by the WF8 web folder and perforated or creased lengthwise. An edge trim can also be made at the same time. The paper waste produced in this process is collected via a hopper and disposed of by an external waste extraction system. The web is then longitudinally folded in the WF8 web folder and fed to the cross cutter.

Various perforating and creasing options are available upstream and downstream of the folding head. Bypassing also allows sheets 1-up to 4-up into sheet piles to be processed. Optional water creasing applies a fine mist of water to the center of the sheet fold, preventing the printed material from bursting at the fold line in the case of sensitive print media.

The Hunkeler WF8 web folder enables processing of many different applications in the direct mail, commercial printing and publishing segments for folded mailings, flyers, brochures or book signatures. At the same time, the paper-friendly process prevents damage to sensitive print media.

Paper web perforated or creased longitudinally. For 4-page signatures, the paper web is plow-folded left under right.