Excellent stack quality with highest format flexibility

Excellent stack quality with the Long Sheet Stacker from Hunkeler

The stacker modules LS8 (5” to 19” sheet lengths) and LS8-30 (up to 30” B” size sheets) collect single cut sheets into stacks up to the required height. A variety of applications can either be stacked or sheets diverted (bypassed) to further downstream equipment. If the optional offset section is used, the documents can be placed with on-the-fly offset within the stack, which considerably simplifies further processing of the stack.

You can produce all of today’s range of digital print media in one stacker. Due to its unique vacuum belt transport technology, it can process from very light to heavy print media and with that avoid smearing and scratching on the surface.

Without doubt, the stacker is perfectly tailored for 24/7 operation.