Hunkeler Workflow Manager

Hunkeler Workflow Manager – HWM

Our software system for production planning and process optimization

With the Hunkeler Workflow Manager HWM, modules and lines are networked so that jobs can be produced optimally. The selected apps support the fast and easy creation of productions through a visual display of the print formats including register marks and 2D codes. Faster job and line set-up increase efficiency and flexible job assignment leads to greater product diversity.

The product-oriented job definition and simple operation through the graphical editor offer unlimited possibilities without job restrictions. Our job definition workflow becomes simple and the job data is automatically and correctly generated.

Hunkeler Workflow Manager HWM
HWM Benefits English

The jobs can be created directly on the line or conveniently in the office, for example in print preparation and sent to the corresponding lines. This significantly reduces setup work and speeds up the production of print jobs.

Hunkeler is constantly working on further apps that offer the customer added value and can be installed on the HWM at any time.

Functions for your needs with the HWM Apps

The Hunkeler Workflow Manager (HWM) integrates the line control with several Apps. The HWM also provides a direct connection to the Hunkeler service center. In future, the collection of operating data during production will generate meaningful reports that can be analyzed over a period, thereby errors can be localized, and processes optimized.


HWM Apps

Production Light

The Production Light App works on a production line. Jobs and productions are defined in the Production Light App. These jobs can be transferred directly to the connected line, where the operators can start them and run the desired production.

HWM Production Light 1


Display of various service functions. For example, it can be used to start the remote system or display images from the production line matrix readers.

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Installation possibilites

WM8 1
  • Standard: Hunkeler Workflow Manager on a line PC with a touchscreen
  • Option: Hunkeler Workflow Manager on a stand-alone PC that is integrated into the Generation 8 production line network.