Generation 8

Generation 8 - The Future of Finishing Technology

Hunkeler is unveiling the new Generation 8. The new technology is consistently designed for digital color printing systems and processes web widths up to 22.5 inches wide (570 millimeters) at a web speed of up to 180 meters per minute. Generation 8 is ready for future printer generations in the top performance class. Sections with variable formats, changing punch and perforation patterns, and variable collating of sheets or folded signatures are just some of the finishing processes that are dynamically controlled.
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Generation 8 was developed especially for the requirements of commercial printing. The modules gently process full-color printed products on coated and uncoated papers, from light to heavy grammages.

The modular system includes the unwind and rewind modules UW8 and RW8 (roll-to-roll production), the Web Merger module WM8 (slit and merge), the WF8 web folder (optionally with merger device), the DP8 dynamic perforator for dynamic perforation lengthwise and crosswise plus dynamic punch holes, the CS8 cutter with slitting and simple and double cross cutting cylinder, the LS8 stacking module with optional SE sheet stacking device (for the lateral stacking of individual sheets in the stacks during production) and the LS8-30 B2 sheet delivery.

generation 8 - features
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The New Central Control System – The Hunkeler Workflow Manager

The Hunkeler Workflow Manager (HWM) heralds a new age in line operation and production planning. Lines and locations are networked with one another to enable optimum job production. The first available apps support quick and easy creation of production operations by visually indicating the printing formats, including register marks and matrix codes. The jobs can be created directly on the line or conveniently in Printing Preparation, and sent to the relevant lines. This considerably reduces set-up work on the production line  and means that print jobs are produced more quickly. Hunkeler is constantly working on additional apps which offer customers added value and can be installed on the HWM at any time. 

Experts on Your Side

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Our products impress with their long service life and low maintenance costs. Generation 8 sets new standards in terms of stability and reliability. Hunkeler Remote Assist is a complete package of online services and the latest diagnostic tools provide you with expert support including diagnostics and remote maintenance.

Generation 8 – Features

– Quickly retrofittable edge-, center- and gutter-cut-tools

– Unsurpassed high cutting blade life

– Electronically variable cross-cutting width

– WI8 web inspection with high-speed CIS scanner

– Module-integrated web inspection and tracking technology

– Tool and machine protection by web splice detection

– Gentle, smooth paper transport for modern inkjet printing papers

– Excellent lightweight paper capabilities

– Reduced setup time

– Excellent sheet edge quality

– Outstanding stacking and book block quality

– Latest future-proof drive and control technology