Hunkeler AG, Switzerland

However varied the applications may be, they all need paper. And anyone who processes paper and print knows our name as a byword for “Excellence in Paper Processing”. That is our constant claim. Working for the printing industry since 1922, we are a family-managed, international business which today employs some 270 persons around the world.

Hunkeler Far East Ltd.

A subsidiary of Hunkeler AG based in Hong Kong, was founded in 1988. We offer direct sales, sales support and after sales service to Hunkeler agents in the Asia Pacific Rim.

Hunkeler Manufacturing AG

Through the business unit Manufacturing (Hunkeler Fertigung AG), Hunkeler makes available to the industry and trade its know-how and resources for manufacturing prototypes, component parts as well as small and medium-sized production runs.

Hunkeler Deutschland GmbH

Established in 1981, Hunkeler Deutschland GmbH has been located in Taufkirchen on the southwestern outskirts of Munich since 1990. The company offers paper processing systems, print processing systems, and exhaust installations for the German market.