Book on Demand

Books on Demand, variable format sizes

The Hunkeler book block solution is distinguished by high flexibility, fast and easy changeover, and excellent book block quality. Books are produced on demand in variable format sizes, thanks to fully automatic longitudinal format changeover, a high-performance trimming module and a unique star wheel delivery system. The PF7 double plow folder processes paper webs up to 30 inches web width into 4-, 6- or 8-page signatures.
Ready for integration into a JDF/JMF workflow. The glued book blocks assure simple, secure handling for post-processing. An on-board tracking system monitors for document integrity. Book blocks will be perfect bound nearline, with a barcode checking system to insure proper book block to cover matching. The system will also support two alternative finishing processes. The PF7 will also glue .budget bound. brochures and books, a low-cost approach for short shelf-life products.

Signature folding types:


Roll to stack solution

High-performance Gen8 finishing line for the roll-to-stack production with CS8 cutting module, separation module and LS8 stacking module. Web widths of 22.5-inches will be processed at 590 ft/min. DynaCut function for variable-format production allows cut-off length changes while running up to a sheet length of 762 mm (30″ / B2 format). Gen8 technology is ready for future printing speeds. Reliable processing of demanding products in full-color on coated and uncoated standard paper, from light-weight to heavyweight grammages. The new Hunkeler Workflow Manager provides user-fiendly and convenient operation of the production line.

Flyfolder Book solution

Sheets are folded into signatures by the Flyfolder. Automatic change over between 4-page and 6-page signatures is achieved on-the-fly, avoiding any interruption in the printing process. The excellent stack quality allows for efficient finishing, especially when connected inline with a perfect binder. All signatures can be offset on-the-fly while running through the Flyfolder module (option). The fully automated format change-over is done on the fly, without manual intervention or interruption of the production process.

Booklet and Book solution with PF7

The high performance Hunkeler brochure solution for the production of variable on demand booklets offline or inline with continuous feed digital printing systems. Dynamic glue applications enables flexible production of variable booklets with 6-, 12-, 18-, 24-, … pages or 8-, 12-, 16-, 20-, 24, … pages. Loose sheet stacks in DIN A3+ format for thread-stitched products or glued book blocks can also be produced as an alternative to the booklets (budget binding).