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Regional Technical Specialist RTS

Having service technicians carry out measures that maintain the value of the systems benefits you by letting your better focus on developing your core business while at the same time ensuring system availability. For us, early detection and correction of potential faults means preventing real problems before they happen. Ongoing service of your Hunkeler machines at the RTS level maintains systems at their very best operational condition and ensures long life and profitable re-sale. This service, which meets the highest standards, is performed by qualified RTS specialists.

A refresher or update course is recommended every two years.


  • Cutter change
  • Service tool
  • Control system change
  • Parameters up to level 5
  • Installation training
  • Advanced electrical engineering

Objectives and Benefits

  • Efficient fault analysis and correction
  • Commissioning modules
  • Maintenance of the entire system
  • Basic technical training
  • Advanced training in electrical engineering
  • Excellent experience in the area of technical customer service
  • Excellent professional experience in paper processing
  • Familiarity with system processes

Target group

  • Technical specialist dealer network