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Hunkeler Technical Support HTS

Technicians who take on and carry out the training of additional partners or customer technicians are educated specifically in the skills needed to be a trainer.

This training must be attended on an annual basis (refresh, updates, exchange of information, access rights, documentation).


  • Annual Update
  • Methodology and didactics
  • Sharing experience
  • Using registration forms
  • Parameters up to level 6
  • Current programs and software

Objectives and Benefits

  • Know-how increasing
  • Expert transfer of knowledge
  • Flexible coverage of training requirements
  • Successful completion of RTS course
  • Customer- and service technician
  • Know-How of Hunkeler products
  • Increased self-confidence

Target group

  • Hunkeler Instructors
  • Trainers of Hunkeler business-partner (Train the Trainer)