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Customer Technical Specialist CTS

Upon completion of our CTS training your service specialists will be able to remedy faults more efficiently and reliably. The availability and operational reliability of your system will improve. The course provides training in preventative parts replacement, which in turn increases the reliability of your Hunkeler systems. In addition to benefiting from short response times and competent troubleshooting on site, you also profit from reducing repair costs to a minimum.

A refresher or update course is recommended every three years.


  • Adjusting cutters
  • Repairs / settings
  • Preventative maintenance work
  • Service Tool - backup files
  • Parameterizing frequencers
  • Parameters up to level 4
  • Electrical engineering basic course

Objectives and Benefits

  • Recognizing and remeying faults
  • Perform repairs and settings independently
  • Ensuring production processes
  • Basic technical training
  • Background knowledge in electrical engineering
  • Careful, exact working method
  • Pleasant in dealing with customers

Target group

  • Technical specialist printer manufacturer
  • Technical specialist OEM-partner