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Customer Service Engineer CSE

CSE customer service engineer learn about and understand Hunkeler production lines and their various functions. The training is geared to the customer, facilitates the efficient remedying of faults, and increases the availability of the entire system. Short response time and fast fault correction on site with calculable costs.

The course is offered following the installation of Hunkeler systems.


  • Operation
  • Parameters for operating personnel
  • Cleaning work
  • Troubleshooting with service instructions (RAP)
  • Basic mechanical settings

Objectives and Benefits

  • Recognizing and remeying faults
  • Carry out maintenance work
  • Reduction of outages
  • Technical understanding
  • Several years of professional experience in paper processing
  • Independence, flexibility, ability to handle stressful situations
  • Analytical approach and use documentation to achieve specific goals
  • Familiarity with processes in the system and production

Target group

  • Customer service engineers