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An investment that pays off

With its technical facilities and theory classrooms supplied with the latest equipment, or spacious training center provides everything needed for comprehensive, in-depth learning. Backing up this technology is an expert team whose many years of experience ensure professional training. The knowledge we pass along in Wikon in the handling of Hunkeler systems can, as needed, be expanded and gone into more depth at any time in your operations. A final examination resulting in a diploma after conclusion of the training offers you the assurance that your personnel have received the knowledge in theory and practice needed for the successful operation of the Hunkeler production system. 

Site-based training

The modular training concept makes it possible to conduct a course at your site or in the modern theory and practice facilities at Hunkeler headquarters. We offer you the following services: 

  • Spacious training facilities with various production lines • Simulation boards for troubleshooting
  • Various tools and aids
  • Electronic documentation

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