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Broadsheet and Tabloid Newspaper


Newspaper line for broadsheet and tabloid products. Configuration for quickly shifting from broadsheet to tabloid, with the appropriate folding processes. Dynamic glue application in the Drum Collator enables versatile production options such as spine gluing of tabloid newspapers and job printing in magazine format or producing tabloid products with several spine-glued and nested sections. Main features: Fully automatic changeover from Broadsheet to Tabloid, Newspapers up to 140 pages, Full variable number of pages, Collating of sections

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All technical data subject to change.

Technical specifications

Web width 11" - 26" (279 - 660mm)
Format length up to 32.25" (820 mm)
Paper weight 40 - 90 gsm
Speed up to 500 ft/min (150 m/min)*
Size of tabloid newspapers 8 - 140 Pages
Size of broadsheet newspapers 8 - 40 Pages per section / max. 140 pages
Size of glued brochures** 4- 40 pages (glued in DC7)
*) Depending on paper and application
**) Without trimming

Broadsheet (top) and Tabloid (bottom)




max. width W 660 mm
max. length L 820 mm



max. width W 660 mm
max. length L  (1-in) 450 mm
max. length L (2-in) 405 mm


Processing features

  • Fully automatic change between broadsheet and tabloid, i.e. between different format length within the same web width
  • Production of tabloid newspapers with 8 to 140 pages
  • Broadsheet with variable number of sections and pages
  • Gluing system for the production of sections and brochures


  • Shortest set up time / high productivity
  • Variable production of titles with different contents
  • Ideal distribution volume / production according to the distribution tour
  • Extended production and differentiation possibilities

Productivity example 24 pages 150 m/min

  • 1800 copies/h Broadsheet (format length 24.8"/630mm)
  • 3500 copies/h Tabloid (format length 13"/330 mm, 2-in)
Web Inspection

Web Inspection System

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A Web inspection system checks the quality and content of the printed pages.

Tracking solutions

Control & Tracking solutions

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The tracking system monitors ongoing prodcution in terms of completeness and accuracy.



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