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Security Features with Laser HL6


The HL6 laser module is certain to have a bright future in the production of checks, coupons and mail products. Patented laser technology allows the dynamic punching and engraving of customized forms, allowing simple to complex security features and an infinite variety of customized perforation patterns. The LaserEditor controller interprets native vector data and enables the simple entry of punching patterns. The laser module works at the unmatched speed of up to 150 meters per minute (500 fpm), in 1-up or 2-up mode and can be integrated into all Hunkeler configurations.

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Technical specifications

Max. roll diameter 54" (1370 mm)
Web width 6.5" - 20.5" (160 - 520 mm)
Production speed up to 500 ft/min (150 m/min)
Paper weights 40 - 200 gsm
Laser power 350 W, CO2 Laser, Class 1 with Chiller
Stack height 9 7/8" (250 mm)
Variable chip-out 3/16" - 2 3/4" (4.8 - 70 mm)
Applications 1up - 2up

Performance HL6

Performance HL6

Laser Head 303 - 300W


HL6-I (1 x 300W Laser)

Moveable laser head for free positioning over full paper web width


HL6-II (2 x 300W Laser)

Two moveable laser heads for free positioning over full paper web width

Laser Head 777 - 750W


HL6-I (1 x 750W Laser)

Laser beam processing of full paper web width


HL6-II (2 x 750W Laser)

Dual laser beam processing of full paper web width

Offset separator SE6

Offset separator SE6


Transfer station TS6

Full bleed products

Full bleed products with CS6-II

Tracking solutions

Control & Tracking solutions

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The tracking system monitors ongoing prodcution in terms of completeness and accuracy.



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