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Glued Booklet and Book offline with UW7


The high performance Hunkeler brochure solution for the production of variable on demand booklets offline or inline with continuous feed digital printing systems. Dynamic glue applications enables flexible production of variable booklets with 6-, 12-, 18-, 24-, ... pages or 8-, 12-, 16-, 20-, 24, ... pages. Loose sheet stacks in DIN A3+ format for thread-stitched products or glued book blocks can also be produced as an alternative to the booklets (budget binding).

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All technical data subject to change.

Technical specifications

Max. roll diameter 54" (1370 mm)
Web width up to 30" (762 mm)
Production speed up to 656 ft/min (200 m/min)
Paper weights 60 – 150 gsm
Format length 7" – 14" (178 – 356 mm)
Productivity up to 8000 booklets per hour, format A4, 20 pages

Parallel fold
4-page signatures

Signature width: 5 – 11"
Max. paper weight: 150 gsm
Stack: 1-up


Roll fold
6-page signatures

Signature width: 5 – 10"
Max. paper weight: 100 gsm
Stack: 1-up


Double parallel fold
8-page signatures

Signature width: 5 – 7.5"
Max. paper weight: 80 gsm
Stack: 1-up


Loose Leaf
Loose sheet stacks for thread sewing or stitches

Signature width: 5 – 17.5"
Max. paper weight: 100 gsm
Stack: 1-up


Control & Tracking solution

The tracking system monitors ongoing prodcution in terms of completeness and accuracy. get more information



  • Digital Print Finishing brochure (en)

    New brochure for Hunkeler products. 28 pages information about solutions for Transactional, Transpromo, Direct Mail, Books, Brochures, Newspaper, Security Print, Control Platform and Special applications.

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