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Flyfolder Book solution


Sheets are folded into signatures by the Flyfolder. Automatic change over between 4-page and 6-page signatures is achieved on-the-fly, avoiding any interruption in the printing process. The excellent stack quality allows for efficient finishing, especially when connected inline with a perfect binder. All signatures can be offset on-the-fly while running through the Flyfolder module (option). The fully automated format change-over is done on the fly, without manual intervention or interruption of the production process.

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Technical specifications

Max. roll diameter 54" (1370 mm)
Web width 17" – 19.5" (432 – 495 mm)
Production speed up to 330 ft/min (100 m/min)
Paper weight 60 – 120 gsm
Cut length 7" – 14" (178 – 356 mm)
Performance up to 600 stacks per hour

Perforation for 4- (top) and 6-page (bottom) signatures


Stacker LS6

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Web Inspection

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