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Roll to fold solution


Producing first-class, four-color printed mailings even on coated paper from the roll to the cut and folded end-product. The double cross-cutting cylinder in the CS8 cutting module produces full-bleed documents. The cross-cutting cylinder in the CS8 can be equipped either with two knives for variable chip-out, or with one cutting knife and one perforating blade to produce dynamic folding perforations.

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Technical specifications

Max. roll diameter 54" (1370 mm)
Web width 8" – 22" (203 – 560 mm)
Production speed up to 600 ft/min (180 m/min)
Paper weights 60 – 160 gsm
Final format length 5.5" – 62" (140 – 1575 mm)
Variable chip-out 1/4" – 2" (6.3 – 50 mm)

Web Inspection System

A Web inspection system checks the quality and content of the printed pages. get more information


Web-Cleaning Solution

The web de-dusting module PEM removes the dust from the paper webs. The PEM has two de-dusting heads for cleaning both sides of the paper web in continuous operation. get more information


Dynamic vertical and cross perforator DP8

The dynamic perforating module DP8 can be used to create variable longitudinal and cross perforations.




Web Merger WM8

The web merger WM8 can be used for cutting a wide paper web in longitudinal direction and for putting the two web halves together.


Full Bleed products

The combination of longitudinal and cross cut-out (module CS8) allows the user to produce full-bleed products.


Pile Stacker PST-52

Flexible additional device for stacking long sheets up to 1000 mm, up to 300 gsm paper, and up to 600 mm stack height or 300 kg stack weight.



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    New brochure for Hunkeler products. 28 pages information about solutions for Transactional, Transpromo, Direct Mail, Books, Brochures, Newspaper, Security Print, Control Platform and Special applications.

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