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Sheet Finishing



In the high-performance range, printing systems only reach their full potential with efficient finishing systems. The DocuTrim is a multifunctional system for online sheet processing that satisfies the requirements of the latest generation of printers.

It produces online on sheet-fed printing systems and also works offline. In the online mode, the DocuTrim and printer can also be used separately from one another for processing separate jobs.

With its individually combinable cutting, perforating, hole punching, creasing and die cutting tools in the dynamic multi-processor (DMP), the system already addresses the market requirements of tomorrow. The DMP is equipped with a blade cassette as standard. It enables the cutting of formats in various finishes such as position-independent slit cuts and cut-outs. Additional dynamic functions can be covered with further cassettes. Perforating, hole punching, creasing or die cutting for Wire-O binding. Thanks to the system‘s modular structure, the wide range of solutions can be individually extended.


Flexibility in processing • formats up to 520 mm x 480 mm, 1-up to 4-up (8-up as option)
Productivity • large stacking capacity up to 2 x 2,000 sheets
Ease-of-use • central touch display, short set-up times
Process control • document control via interface or camera



Dynamic Multi-Processor

The DMP is based on a modular exchangeable cassette system that aligns and processes the sheets from the online and offline feed. One cassette in the DMP is equipped with a longitudinal cutter as standard. Depending on requirement, the dynamic functions perforation, hole punching, creasing or die cutting for Wire-O binding can be chosen for the following cassettes. The longitudinal cutter can cut the sheet vertically or trim with a cut-out to the net format for bleed-off applications. A cross-cutter can be integrated as an option for further cutting patterns.



The sheet can be output from the sequencer to the left and to the right. That has two great advantages: the system can be set-up to towards or away from the printer in line with the customer‘s workflow. A second channel can be connected in addition to the DocuTrim‘s standard channel, e.g. for booklet processing. Thanks to the 2-up processing (parallel), the sequencer acts as a merger, thereby enabling slalom processing.


Group Seperator/Stacker

The separated and aligned documents are offset by 11 millimetres by means of the innovative 2-level gateway system. This is either triggered by a printer signal or code control. The documents are placed on the stacker separated into groups. The stacks can be deposited on the delivery belt without getting caught up in one another. It is therefore easy for the operator to remove the stacks. When the end of the stack is reached, the stacks are passed onto the next delivery belt. The height of the stack is around 2,000 sheets at 80 g/m².