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Universal Sheet Finishing

Universal sheet processing system – DocuTrim DT1

In the high-performance range, printing systems only reach their full potential with efficient finishing systems. The Hunkeler DocuTrim is a multifunctional system for online sheet processing that satisfies the requirements of the latest generation of printers. It produces online on sheet-fed printing systems and also works offline. In the online mode, the DocuTrim and printer can also be used separately from one another for processing separate jobs. With its individually combinable cutting, perforating and creasing in the dynamic multi-processor (DMP), the system already addresses the market requirements of tomorrow. It enables the cutting of various formats and position-independent slit cuts and chip-outs. Thanks to the system‘s modular structure, the wide range of solutions can be individually extended.


Technical Data

Production speed: 
10000 Sheets/h (A4, B4, SRA4)
6500 Sheets/h (with separating cut) 
6000 Sheets/h (A3, B3, SRA3)

Sheet format input: 
min. 185 x 260 mm (LxW)
max. 480 x 520 mm (LxW)

Sheet format output:
min. 148 x 210 mm (WxL)
max. 460 x 480 mm (WxL)
Stack height up to 200 mm

Side trimming: 
5 – 45 mm

Paper weight: 70 – 200 gsm

Gutter cut: 5 – 10 mm

Perforation tools: 
Horizontal perf. 0 – 6 Pcs.
Vertical perf. 0 – 6 Pcs.


DocuTrim online configuration with pile feeder FSA-52 and Digital Printing System (also works offline).



            Configuration right

          Configuration left

Dynamic perforation

Dynamic perforation can be carried out with horizontal and vertical lines. With a minimum separation of 40 mm, several lines can be freely positioned on the entire arc. The patterns can be static or can be dynamically triggered by a data matrix code.

Dynamic Perforation


Printed sheets can be cut into a number of smaller sheets, collated and placed in groups as an offset stack. With bleed-off applications, the net format is achieved with a cut-out. Users have the option of integrating a cross-cutter, which enables further cutting patterns.


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Pile feeder (FSA-52)

Online processing by passing function of flat pile feeder or offline processing using manually inserted stacks to 520 x 480 (L x W).



Defined interface for processing printer signals. Optional equipped with matrix camera. GUI for easy job setup.




Lateral paper alignment. Adjustment via handwheel.


Dynamic Multi Processor 

1 cassette for trimming (standard) and center cut and gutter cut knifes (option).
1 cassette for dynamic perforation (option) and creasing (option).


Transport path

Paper transport via drive belt. Space for antistatic measures.



Output of the sheet to the left and right possible. Second channel, e.g. for booklet processing possible. With SRA4 and 2-up (parallel) the sequencer functions as a merger.


Group seperator and stacker

1-up or 2-up. Offset 11 mm, Stack height up to 200 mm. 
Stack separation with short stop.


Waste Extractor

Mobile extraction with large container. Automatic stop with full waste container. Automatic restart of printer and DocuTrim. Alternatively:
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