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Remote Assist - an expert at your side

A “remote connection” makes it possible to give external Hunkeler experts secure access to your Hunkeler system.

The remote connection enables rapid error analysis, troubleshooting, data backups or simple production support. The customer is fully integrated into the process at all times. In other words, access is controlled by the customer, who can terminate connection whenever desired.

Today, Hunkeler Remote Assist identities problems online and gives you assistance as if a technician was on site.

No matter where your system is, our expert service team is always close at hand.

Hunkeler Remote Assist is a complete package of various online services.

Remote Assist

Remote platform access

  • Only authorized technicians have access to your machines.
  • All activities are logged to ensure total transparency.
  • The latest security technologies make it possible for you to maintain control over your machine at all times.
  • The platform checks the online connection.

Expert network

Simply pressing the Help button is all you need to request the services of a Remote Center specialist who supports you as
if he was on site. He can draw upon the knowledge of other specialists in our pool of experts, working with your own staff to nd the fastest possible solution to any problem.

System security

When you press the Help button, at the same time you allow online access to your machine. But our system security means much more. Modern security technology makes it possible for you to benefit from a wide range of Hunkeler security services.

User support

When an unusual situation arises in your daily operations, our Remote Assist specialists support you in the analysis of problems and events. Hunkeler Remote Assist is available to answer all your questions and handle all events.

Setup support

Our Setup Service establishes a link into your machine from the first online connection onward. This ensures that we can provide support during its entire service life.
Hunkeler Remote Assist makes it possible to back up the system on a regular basis and not just on the first day.


Reports for every Remote Service activity give you full transparency as if the service technician was on site.