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Strategic partnership with CIC Capital AG

Begin: 13.07.2018
Strategic partnership with CIC Capital AG

Wikon, July 13,  2018

The Hunkeler Group has entered into a strategic partnership with CIC Capital (Schweiz) AG. CIC Capital has a minority shareholding and will follow in the long term the growth plans of the leading manufacturer of digital paper converting and print finishing systems.
Stefan Hunkeler, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Michel Hunkeler, CEO/Member of the Board of Directors, and Franz Hunkeler, Member of the Board of Directors, will continue to perform their respective duties. The Executive Board will remain unchanged.

CIC Capital (Schweiz) AG is the Crédit Mutuel CM-11 Group’s finance company and is well-known for investing in companies with potential for success. It brings additional know-how and an excellent network to the table and will assist Hunkeler with further investments in the future. This will also make it possible to open up possible new business segments even better, enabling growth, innovation and competitiveness to be further strengthened.

The two majority shareholders, Stefan and Michel Hunkeler, are convinced that in CIC Capital they have found a partner who shares Hunkeler’s corporate values and will provide the company with an ideal level of support where its long-term further development is concerned.

Samuel Babey, Investment Director of CIC Capital and a future member of the Board of Directors of the Hunkeler Group, is convinced by the growth potential and looks forward to supporting the company in its further development.

Hunkeler Systeme AG, a legally independent partner company, is not involved.


Contact person at Hunkeler Holding AG:
Michel Hunkeler, Phone: +41 79 290 01 74


About CIC Capital

CIC CAPITAL is the international Private Equity subsidiary of CM-CIC Investissement (the equity financing arm of the Crédit Mutuel CM 11 Group) and meets all requirements of companies relating to equity financing. CM-CIC Investissement has invested about 3 billion euro of its own money in about 380 portfolio companies. CIC Capital has sites in Germany (Frankfurt), USA (New York and Boston), UK (London) and Switzerland (Geneva and Zurich).

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About Hunkeler

Having been active in the print industry since 1922, Hunkeler AG is an owneroperated family company and has around 280 employees around the globe. Hunkeler offers progressive pre and post solutions for digital high-performing print systems as well as scalable quality assurance systems with web monitoring and tracking. Its customers include printers, banks and insurers, publishers, mailrooms as well as print service providers and print finishers. Global agencies and subsidiaries ensure that partnership-based competent support can be provided in all locations where sales and service are concerned.

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