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Knowledge Scout

The Hunkeler Knowledge Scout offers a software based solution, which is very easy to use for error and repair analysis and troubleshooting.

Successful service certification from Xerox Corporation. The Hunkeler Service tool, Knowledge Scout, was called "quite remarkable".

Eugene Rogalski, 3rd party Finishing Delivery Manager at Xerox Corporation, describes the Hunkeler Service tools as follows:

"The eDoc and HST reflect a benchmark diagnostic system with very effective and impressive capabilities.


+ Your high-end tool for trouble shooting, error and repair analysis

+ Software based solution combined with Hunkeler expert know-how

+ Easy to use (and in combination with Hunkeler Remote Assist even more powerful)

+ Fast support = less downtime = higher availability = more profit

Hunkeler Knowledge Scout
Hunkeler Knowledge Scout 1
Hunkeler Knowledge Scout 2
Hunkeler Knowledge Scout 3