Web Inspection – Made by Hunkeler


For more than 15 years we at Hunkeler have been working hard on perfecting our Web Inspection system. Now available in an updated version for our Generation 8 of finishing equipment, we are proud to offer the WI8 Web Inspection System for demanding inspection tasks in digital print finishing lines.

Our WI8 dispensed with traditional cameras and moved to the latest CIS Scanner technology enabling high quality image capture, combined with ease of use, in a compact mechanical package. The underlying inspection software has been continuously updated and optimized, making all inspection functionality accessible via an intuitive user interface.

The WI8 system performs quality control and content verification of print on every page, for example on colours, feature position, contours, smearing, missing jets or data validation:

  • Each of the controls performed by WI8 has independent tolerance settings that can be adjusted and optimized to the production quality needed.
  • One of the main controls WI8 can perform is the jet-out / nozzle health of the printing press.
  • The WI8 can save sample Images of the print production job as well pages when errors are detected
  • Alarm levels can be defined enabling a variety of responses, from alarming the operator to automated actions taken by the printer or finishing equipment.

The basic building blocks of the WI8 system are a mechanical mounting module containing the scanners (simplex or duplex), a multi touch screen for the user interface and an external controller box. These base modules can be deployed in various ways:
  • Directly integrated into a printing press
  • Integrated into one of Hunkeler’s finishing modules
  • Or independent stand-alone

Further to print inspection, the WI8 system also offers some key features and benefits when combined with our Tracking solution:

  • Automatic live tracking of the ongoing production, seamless integration into finishing devices.
  • A flexible and modular solution that can be configured to monitor very complex inspection and tracking tasks.
  • Ensures that each document is produced compliant with the required Integrity/quality characteristics.
  • Protects from operators and/or machine errors by detecting and storing any document or production integrity exception into its database.
  • Drives each document to the assigned destination, eventually rejecting any item with faults, flaws or exceptions.
  • Can STOP the production, avoiding producing non-compliant material.
  • Returns tracked production results, with the status of each produced item and the needed reprints.
  • Provides a wide range of production-oriented reports and statistics.

Record & Replay

User oriented graphic controls

1D, 2D and Postal code verification

Full page image verification

OCR and MICR codes verification

Printer oriented graphic controls

Labels verification

In case you would like to discuss your inspection requirements or would like to learn more about our WI8, please contact your Hunkeler dealer here.