Hunkeler sold VEA rights to Service International


Service International Inc. located in Toronto, Ontario Canada has purchased Hunkeler AG End Sheet Pasting product line (Hunkeler VEA tipping machines).  Service International Inc. has assumed all aspects of the tipping machine line which will include VEA machine manufacturing, parts, service, technical support and training.

The Hunkeler VEA tipper has been part of the Hunkeler family and the product line since 1968 and has successfully represented Hunkelers innovations in the book binding and greeting card industries for more than 50 years.  More than 2000 successful installations worldwide over the years have proven that Hunkeler AG is and was the industry standard to beat.

Hunkeler AG is happy to pass on all of the history for the tipping machines to Service International Inc., as Hunkeler AG has worked closely with the owner and its staff for more than 30 years.  They have successfully represented the tipping lines and the Hunkeler brand for all of those years.

Please forward all parts, sales and service requests directly to Service International Inc.

Service International Inc.
45 Cherryhill Ave.
Scarborough, ON
M1C 1W9
Tel: (416) 287-5733
Fax: (416) 287-9614