Touch Screen Cleaning of Hunkeler products


During this time of crisis when sanitizing work areas and equipment is so critical, we want to provide you further instructions for safely cleaning the touch screen displays on your Hunkeler equipment. To prevent damage to your touch screen, it is very important to follow the procedures outlined below. Please pass along to the appropriate people in your company.

Recommended guidelines for cleaning touch screen controls:

  1. The device is only permitted to be cleaned when power is switched off in order to prevent unintended functions from being triggered by touching the touch screen or pressing keys.
  2. Use a soft or lightly moistened cloth to clean the device.
  3. Only use water with neutral detergent, a screen cleaning agent, or isopropyl alcohol to moisten the cleaning cloth. See CDC guidelines for strength of alcohol product:
  4. Apply the cleaning agent to the cloth beforehand. Do not spray it directly on the device!
  5. Never use aggressive solvents, chemicals, scouring agents, pressurized air or steam-jet air ejectors.

Suggestions to minimize contamination/re-contamination:

  1. Clean operating touch points at start of work and end of work.
  2. Require each operator to use a personal common touch screen stylus.
  3. Tape a clear plastic food wrap over the touch screen and replace daily or at the time of operator change.
  4. Other contact areas of the machine can be sanitized using the same substance and procedure as the touch screen or other methods as recommended by the CDC.​

Thank you for your attention to these important cleaning procedures. Please direct any questions to our Services Department at