Sewn book production with Meccanotecnica

Production of high-quality softcover and hardcover books

In-line premium quality book production from the printed roll. The paper is fed to the thread sewing machine from the new UW8 unwinder and through the CS6-HS cutter. The Universe Web book sewing machine performs several processes on the fly. These are creasing, folding, collecting folded sheets in 8, 12, 16 or more pages to form one signature, as well as stitching and output. All process steps are executed one after each other. The book blocks are then fed into a multifunctional book production line. In this machine, the hardcover preparation is performed by applying cover sheets and gauze or in the case of paperback production, with the softcover. The line is completed by the three-knife trimmer, that features automatic size change without changing parts.

Technical specifications

Max. roll diameter

54" (1370 mm)

Web width

8" – 20.5" (203 – 520 mm)

Production speed

436 ft/min (133 m/min)

Paper weights

40 – 200 g/m2

Format length

5.9" – 16.5" (150 – 420 mm)


Web Inspection System

A Web inspection system checks the quality and content of the printed pages. With the WI8 Web Inspection system you can check quality and content of the printing on each page in terms of colors, positions, contours, smearing, jetouts, data validation, etc. It is always possible to update it with new functions and extend it to a complete tracking solution.

Control & Tracking Solution

The tracking system monitors ongoing prodcution in terms of completeness and accuracy.

Full Bleed products

The combination of longitudinal and cross cut-out (module CS8) allows the user to produce full-bleed products.