Roll to roll Laser solution

The HL8 is the ideal solution for high-security punching and perforating applications, for example, checks, coupons and mailings, roll-fed from the UW6 unwinding module. Production capacity up to 150 m/minute in 1-up or 2-up mode. Fully dynamic, customized punch and perforation patterns are possible by directly importing native CAD/CAM system data. the laser editor makes it even simpler and more efficient preparation and management of the laser pattern in production environments. The HL8 can process both a continuous paper web and paper sheets. The unique design even allows both possibilities to be processed in one module. This means that there are no limits to production flexibility.

Technical specifications


1 or 2 Laser Heads | 300 Watt or 700 Watt

Paper weights

40 – 200 g/m2 (27 – 120 lb offset/book)

Max. roll diameter

54" (1370 mm)

Web width

7" – 22" (178 – 559 mm)

Laser type

CO2 Laser

Production speed

up to 500 ft/min (150 m/min)


Laser Heads HL8

workflow image


Pile feeder (FSA-52)

The sheet delivered by the pile feeder FSA-52 (offline) or directly by the printer (inline) is transferred to the module.

Large stack delivery (PST-52)

Flexible additional device for stacking long sheets up to 1000 mm, up to 300 gsm paper, and up to 600 mm stack height or 300 kg stack weight.