The Hunkeler extranet is an extension of the internet that can be used only by registered extranet users. The extranet provides information that can be accessed by clients or Hunkeler partner and so allows an efficient cross-enterprise communication with confidental data.

The Hunkeler Extranet

The extranet consists of a general extranet area with general tools and information and specific areas with corresponding content. The specific areas are available based on the function and access level of the user.

Sales area

Support for tender preparation, sales data, presentations, data sheets etc.

Service area

Data sheets, operator / service manuals, spare part catalogues, module software, software tools etc.

Marketing area

Online shop (advertising specialities, marketing & promotion material), presentations, images, videos etc.

Press area

Press releases, presentations, images etc.

Supplier area

Information about delivery deadlines.

Extranet / CST Request

Terms of use

Upon receipt of the requested documentation the undersigned applicant is forbidden from reproducing, copying or altering any part thereof. Leasing, loaning or forwarding to third parties is also not permitted.
Hunkeler reserves all rights to the information made accessible to you in electronic form (services). Written agreements stating otherwise excepted, only the applicant named in the application form is authorized with respect to the services and furthermore only insofar as the services are used in direct connection with the exercise of his or her employment, order or factory contract obligations. The applicant is forbidden from permitting any usage of the services by or providing any access to services to third parties.
All documentation must be returned to Hunkeler upon termination of the employment relationship. In case of noncompliance with our conditions, we will feel forced to take legal action.
If it is about an external course which is conducted by an instructor with a train the trainer education we will charge you a contribution towards expenses for the Extranet and CST password of CHF 400.-!
Following a positive inspection of your application, we will provide you with the documentation ordered ex works Wikon.
With this application to Hunkeler, you declare yourself to be in agreement with the conditions stated above.