An investment that pays off! With its technical facilities and theory classrooms supplied with the latest equipment, or spacious training center provides everything needed for comprehensive, in-depth learning.


In our well-equipped training and demo center we offer comprehensive and in-depth training on all our systems.

Technical Support

With fast response time and non-stop availability from Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm (CET), we want to provide our customers the best possible support free of charge.


Do you have to cope with major production challenges from the start? An experienced Hunkeler service technician will help you in the start-up phase. Since this arrangement entails a great deal of knowledge transfer, we will transform your team into operating pros, thereby helping you achieve top production competence.

Spare Parts

All spare parts are included in this service product. By combining this with other service products, you can therefore retain full control of your costs. Detailed advance knowledge of your costs – no surprises.


Professional installation is the bestway to get your new equipment into production fast. It forms an important basis ensuring optimal performance of your equipment. During the installation process, our team takes into account your specific situation and adjusts the service accordingly.

Remote Assist

The remote connection enables rapid error analysis, troubleshooting, data backups or simple production support. The customer is fully integrated into the process at all times. In other words, access is controlled by the customer, who can terminate connection whenever desired.

Knowledge Scout

The Hunkeler Knowledge Scout offers a software based solution, which is very easy to use for error and repair analysis and troubleshooting.


Regular maintenance ensures that your Hunkeler plant remains in top condition at all times. As a result, your Hunkeler delivers reliable and top-class production and ensures a high qualitative and quantitative output. A yearly inspection by our specialists ensures investment protection for your Hunkeler plant. Apart from high availability and productivity you can achieve more process safety and optimize the resale value of your production system.


The Hunkeler extranet is an extension of the internet that can be used only by registered extranet users. The extranet provides information that can be accessed by clients or Hunkeler partner and so allows an efficient cross-enterprise communication with confidental data.