No gender differences in work environment


Equality and women-friendly workplaces at Hunkeler.

Isabelle Niggli has been working at Hunkeler in Wikon, Switzerland, for more than 20 years. She first absolved an apprenticeship as a commercial employee. After successfully graduating, she worked in various departments of the company and was able to acquire a great expertise. In August 2012, her first daughter was born. Two years later, the family grow with the second daughter.

Balancing work and family life can be challenging. The classic housewife and mother has served its time. Many women invest a lot in their apprenticeship and further education before becoming mothers. What they have learned needs to be practiced. Isabelle Niggli’s re-entry into professional life took place on a part-time employment. Hunkeler offers flexible working hours, home office options and appropriate working conditions. The company also supports suitable general conditions for families, good re-entry opportunities and does not put employees in front of the choice between job, career and family.

«I wouldn’t want to live in any other country, whether as a woman, a man or a child. Few countries offer women as much freedom and as many rights as Switzerland does. We are doing well and we realize what is good for us. I am happy and satisfied at my workplace. I enjoy a high level of trust from the management, my supervisor and all employees. I fully realize the work-life balance. The work environment knows no gender differences. That’s why we should all be committed to equal rights. Whether at the workplace, in business or in politics. Let’s create ideal conditions for all mothers in this society. Women are elementary for the economy.»

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