Hunkeler booklines at Printforce


Rik Thijssen: “We are increasing our production capacity with our new Hunkeler booklines.

“After we moved to our new location in Culemborg last year, we decided on a new method that will enable us to produce more efficiently,” says printforce plant manager Rik Thijssen. “While in Alphen aan den Rijn we still had inline finishing behind our rotary printers, in Culemborg we decided to produce from roll to roll. The aim is to increase production capacity and improve the print quality of our inkjet printers. To achieve this, we have invested in a second and third Hunkeler bookline with a maximum speed of 200 meters per minute”.

Variable cut-off length

Rik: “The big advantage of these lines is that they work with a variable cut-off length at a very favourable speed of 160 m / min. This way we don’t have to make any concessions to our printers and also ensure that there is no bottleneck when finishing the printed rolls. In addition, the book blocks are provided with small drops of glue so that they really come out of the stacker like a book. This is useful both for internal transport and for feeding the binder. With these three lines we still have enough space to grow. We were now able to strengthen ourselves with new talents. In particular, the effect of the offline finishing has ultimately helped us a lot, so that we have a strong team to keep the three booklines running. On average, we process about 1,200 km of paper per week into book blocks that can be processed immediately in our bookbindery”.

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