Datev trusts in Hunkeler Finishing


25% higher speed and productivity on new line with Hunkeler Finishing.

With the installation of a Hunkeler Generation 8 solution, Datev DPSC (Digital & Print Solution Center) has upgraded to the latest Hunkeler finishing technology.

The heart of the solution is the DP8-II-P-L dynamic perforator. This allows the entire paper web to be finished inline with 8 longitudinal perforation knives, 2 cross-perforation units and 2 punching units for dynamic file hole punching . All tools are controlled by a matrix code, which is applied accordingly on each printed side.

The great benefit of the new system is the fast processing speed of 160m/min, which enables a production volume of 130,000 duplex printed pages.
This means a 25% higher print output than before. Further advantages are offered by even better accuracy and the new the enhanced operating system for easy and quick setup.

Customer benefits

Datev DPSC customers also benefit from the new solution. Due to faster production, the print data can be delivered later, which opens up new business opportunities.

Many thanks to DATEV eG DPSC for their trust in Hunkeler Finishing and the good cooperation.

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Hunkeler Finishing - Dynamic Perforator DP8
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