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Control & Tracking Solutions

The tracking system monitors ongoing production in terms of completeness and accuracy. The consistency of ongoing production is constantly compared with the target data and missing pages or duplicates are identified. Defective products can be automatically fed out of the production workflow and missing documents reprinted, thereby facilitating fully automatic operation and rendering manual controls superfluous. Standardized interfaces enable communication with superordinate systems (host cumputer) to take place and support monitoring across multiple lines and even multiple production sites.

Control Functions

Basic Integrity
  • Page sequence control within the document
  • Document sequence control within the job
  • Document completeness control
  • Front to back matching
  • 1-up and/or optional 2-up production handling


  • Stop the line
  • Stack separation
  • Dynamic rejects
Production Logging
  • Simple logging of results from Basic Integrity Control
  • Share logging with external system (File based)

Tracking Solutions


Site Manager, tracking server with full tracking scope

  • Duplicates detection
  • Missing documents detection
  • Full production tracking
  • Production reporting
  • Reprints generation


  • Stop the line
  • Stack separation
  • Dyanmic rejects