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Merrill Corporation, Ohio (USA)

Merrill Corporation Chooses Hunkeler Finishing for New Digital Operation

Trusted with complex, confidential and regulatory information for more than 40 years, Merrill Corporation is the industry-leading provider of integrated document creation and distribution services for the financial services and health insurance industries.


  • Case Story Merrill Corporation LLC (en)

    Book on Demand, Publishing | Book and Bookletproduction | Printer: Ricoh InfoPrint 5000 | Combinated Solution: Roll-to-Roll with UW6-RW6 | Roll-to-Stack with UW6 – CS6-II – SE6 – LS6 – TS6 – Stitchliner / (Nearline Perfect Binder)

    PDF | 2.1 MB | 2016-05-24