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McArdle, Upper Marlboro, MD

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When McArdle expanded their business and invested in an Océ ColorStream® 10000 Flex, the question of the appropria- te finishing technology came up. A combination line for saddlestitched booklets, straight stacks or fully separated book blocks responded not only to the requirements regarding high speeds, but also provided maximum flexibility. Apart from this, the quality of service from Hunkeler and Standard Finishing Systems played a key role in the decision making.


  • Case Story Mc Ardle (en)

    Publishing | Printer: Canon Océ Colorstream 10000 Flex | Book and booklet production | Combi Solution Roll-to-stack (book blocks (nearline)) and Roll-to-stitchliner for booklet production (inline) | UW6-WB6-CS6-SE6-LS6-TS6

    PDF | 5.1 MB | 2016-05-02