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Fifth Third Bank, Cincinnati (OH)

Stewards of the Vision

Fifth Third Bank's in-plant is a 24/7 shop, producing approximately 170-million impressions a year, which equates to 70- million pieces of mail. As the company moved toward a very high speed inkjet printer there were some concerns that pre- and post-press equipment was not going to be able to keep up, or might even inhibit the press. These worries vanished quickli after the commissioning of a Ricoh InfoPrint 5000, customized with a Hunkeler Roll-to-Stack solution. Fifth Third Bank's Vice President Mark Kearns shows himself particularly excited about the performance of the system.


  • Case Story Fifth Third Bank (en)

    Transactional / Transpromo | Printer: Ricoh InfoPrint 5000 (incl. MICR-Unit) | Roll to Stack with dyn. perf and web merger | POPP6: UW6 – DP6-II dyn.Perf – WB6 – WM6 (Web-Merger) CS6-II with chip-out and LS6 Stacker

    PDF | 2.7 MB | 2016-05-02