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Cordoba Printing and Binding Ltd., Holon (Israel)

Large diversity in Book production

Cordoba Printing and Binding Ltd. shifts the book production from offset to digital. The company has invested in a Kodak Prosper inkjet web press and a modular book solution from Hunkeler. The book solution transforms 30-inch wide webs to book blocks for softcover and hardcover production. An interesting application comes with the so-called Budget Binding. This opens up opportunities for business development.


  • Case Story Cordoba Printing & Binding Ltd. (en)

    Graphic Arts, Publishing | Book production | Printer: Kodak Prosper 1000 | Nearline Solution: Roll-to-Roll with UW7 – RW7 | Roll-to-Book block with: UW7 – PF7 – CS6-HS – SD7

    PDF | 640.7 KB | 2016-05-02