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Production setup with two Generation 8 lines

At the Standard Finishing System booth, Hunkeler produce on two lines with modules of the latest Gen8 generation:

  • A roll-to-sheet line produce postcards and book blocks. The DynaCut function in the CS8 cutter enables the production of end products with variable formats and changing section lengths during production.
  • A second Gen8 line is configured for the production of mailings. The two central functions are dynamic perforation lengthwise and crosswise in a DP8 dynamic perforator and the slit-and-merge function in a WM8 web merger.

Dynamic perforation means that every individual copy of a mailing can be perforated during production with an individual pattern, lengthwise and crosswise.

In slit-and-merge, the paper web is slit lengthwise and merged within register into two parallel webs one above the other.


Finishing processes are dynamically controlled: sections with variable formats plus changing punch and perforation patterns and variable collating of signatures.

Modern digital printing systems allow formats, the number of pages and content of printed products to vary while production is underway. It is theoretically possible to change these variables from one copy to the next. Hunkeler continues this variability in finishing with dynamically controlled processes. Dynamically controlled finishing processes are especially interesting in the production of mailings and advertising, in couponing and ticketing, in transpromotion production and for books on demand or newspapers on demand. In other words, on the markets where print products are increasingly geared to smaller and smaller target groups.

DynaCut: cut sequences with variable formats

In the CS8 and CS6 cutters, the DynaCut function enables a cutting process with cut sequences featuring variable formats. That means that while production is underway, the format lengths can change dynamically. Synchronous to the format changes in the cutter, the module for stack output adjusts itself just as dynamically to the varying formats. The dynamic format changes apply to the LS6 stacker and the LS8 stacker from the new Generation 8.


Changing punch and perforation patterns

The DP8 dynamic perforator can be used to manufacture products with dynamically changing punch and perforation patterns. The patterns are entered at the operator terminal in the Perf Editor and can be edited there as required. After the operator has selected the job on the touch monitor, the system control autonomously opens the perforation and punch patterns linked to the job.

The DP8 dynamic perforator has a modular design. It can be equipped in stages with tools for lengthwise and crosswise perforation and for punching. The tool slots in the DP8 are arranged for 2-up production. In its most extensive version, the DP8 consists of four cross-perforation tools and eight longitudinal perforation tools. Optionally, the perforation tools can be supplemented with up to four punching tools.

The Hunkeler Workflow Manager is the new central management system. It plans and prepares jobs, controls production lines, monitors processes, as well as recording and evaluating production operations.

This central control center system is where all information on the installed production equipment, the customer orders and the production processes flows together. The workflow manager integrates line control, job tracking, quality monitoring, the editor software for the DP8 dynamic perforator and the HL6 laser module. On the Hunkeler Workflow Manager, the orders are managed and opened for production (job tickets).

The workflow manager has a direct connection to the Service Center of Hunkeler in Switzerland. It assures fast access to a catalog with spare parts relevant to the given user and his equipment.

All operating data during production are recorded in the workflow manager and then compiled into meaningful reports. These reports allow production operations to be analyzed across any time period so that faults can be pinpointed and processes optimized.

Workflow Manager